What is Memory Foam?

You have probably heard about Memory Foam from everywhere, and it is not a wonder for the memory foam is one of the most regularly chosen mattresses and pillows. That’s because the memory foam has is well-liked due to its many great features.

The Memory Foam is made out of polyurethane together with some ingredients that will heighten its density as well as viscosity. What happens is that when you lie down on it, your body heat will cause a reaction to the foam and soften it. The foam will then mold itself to accommodate the warm body within minutes. There is a type of memory foam with a lower density that is sensitive to pressure. What happens is t hat the foam will mold immediately to the body’s shape when you press against it, and then when you remove the pressure it will go right back to its original shape.

A mattress that is made out of memory foam is usually denser compared to other mattresses. It is heavier but it provides the right amount of support.

The memory foam as a mattress is definitely not cheap, which is probably the biggest reason as to why some people do not have it. If you want to enjoy the comforts that the memory foam mattress provides without having to buy an actual memory foam mattress, then you can take advantage of a memory foam mattress topper. It will give you the same luxurious coziness that a memory foam mattress can provide, but you do not need to burn a hole through your pocket for it, since mattress toppers are generally much less expensive compared to an entire mattress.

The memory foam as a mattress topper would still have the same features as that of the mattress because it would still mold itself to the body. It will provide total comfort by minimizing the possibility of uneasy tossing and turning during sleep.

The memory foam is known to have a chemical odor that is often irritable. However, the good news is that there are many memory foam manufacturers that have mattress toppers that are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Many people who have memory foam mattresses often complain that the material usually absorbs the heat from the body and this would result to overheating while they are asleep. This is bothersome and you should be taken into consideration when you are out shopping for your memory foam mattress topper. Look for the kind that would let the material “breathe” and keep the body refreshed and cool while sleeping. One example would be the memory foam mattress topper with the egg crate design that produces air pockets in order for the foam to be able to breathe.

Memory foam mattress toppers have proven themselves to be durable, but it is not resistant to damage. You can look for a topper that has a warranty or a set trial time if sturdiness is a priority to you.

Getting a memory foam mattress topper for yourself is a great investment that will give you the comfort and a good night’s sleep.


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